Module 5

The Alabama Classroom Technology Initiative ACTNOW!

The Alabama Educational Technology Association (AETA) believes that the State of Alabama can improve student achievement by providing equitable access to high quality instruction of 21st Century skills in technology-infused schools. ACTNow! has been developed by AETA to provide guidance, research, recommendations and resources to educators allowing them to envision not only how technology works today in schools but also to imagine the possibilities.If we are to become a state that provides a highly skilled 21st century workforce, technology must become a vital part of our students' learning and must be integrated throughout the curriculum in every single classroom.

The document addresses the minimum equipment requirements for specific technology-infused environments (i.e., whole class, individualized, etc), grade levels, computer labs, and media centers. In addition to minimum classroom standards, it also addesses additional standards that must be met in order to have schools connected to the outside world. Professional development and technology coaches are also addressed as well as the total cost of ownership for this technology.

Review the with your leadership team and use it as an assessment of the technology-infused environments in your schools. What do you need to do to provide the 21st century environment that all students need?